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VNV Nation "Reformation 01" box set now shipping

The brand new VNV Nation box set, "Reformation 01," is now in stock and shipping at IsoTank Music. This is a 2CD+1DVD limited edition box set with a very reasonable price. Full details are below under the LJ-cut.

This is a release that's specially intended for VNV Nation fans. It will come in the form of a 3-disc, high quality boxset containing; a 12 track live CD, a 12 track CD of remixes, rare or previously unreleased material, a DVD with 8 video edits put together by different people between 2005-2008, and a book of live images as well as a wealth of information about the tracks themselves. The NTSC (US version) Box Set is limited to 9,000 copies.

CD1 (Live):
01 Joy
02 Chrome
03 Testament
04 Nemesis
05 Endless Skies
06 Farthest Star
07 Procession
08 Entropy
09 Illusion
10 Arena
11 Honour 2003
12 Perpetual
CD2 (Remixes, Unreleased And Rare Material):
01 Chrome (Modcom Mix)
02 Chrome (SITD Mix)
03 Chrome (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)
04 Interceptor (VNV ABM Version)
05 Nemesis (S.A.M. Remix)
06 Carry You (Frozen Plasma Remix)
07 As it fades (VNV 2nd Movement)
08 Still Waters (Unreleased)
09 Precipice (Unreleased)
10 Suffer (Unreleased)
11 Main Theme (from Gene Generation)
12 Mayhem (from Gene Generation)
13 The Lair (from Gene Generation)
01 Chrome
02 Homeward
03 Farthest Star
04 Nemesis
05 Illusion
06 Perpetual
07 Arena
08 Honour 2003
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Ordered! Thanks for the tip. Hope the live tracks are as good as the Rochester NY show!
Preordered this ages ago through Amazon. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow.
Awesome Awesome packaging, review of the remix cd over on my LJ. Worth every penny!
Second this.
I love the songs Precipice, and Suffer. Both excellent tracks. Now if I had the knowledge and know how I would try remixing Precipice to make it a bit more "crunchy"

"Less milk, more crunch!"