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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reformation 01 : Preview tracks/full info online
Hi there,

We've posted some previews for the new Reformation 01 boxset here on our myspace page. This should give you a good idea about what you'll find on there.

The two preview tracks are made up of edits from the following songs

CD1 "Live Tracks" - Joy, Chrome, Testament, Nemesis, Farthest Star, Illusion, Perpetual

CD2 "Remixes/Unreleased" - Chrome (Modcom Mix), Chrome (SITD Mix), Chrome (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix), Nemesis (SAM Mix), Carry You (Frozen Plasma Mix), Still Waters (unreleased), Precipice (unreleased), Suffer (unreleased)

Information about US and Canadian pre-order info is coming very very soon, worry not.

In the meantime, below you'll find a lot of detailed info about what's on there (from the press release).

Our best wishes.
Ronan and Mark


US Release Date : May 12th ($25)
European Release Date : April 24th (€23)

Reformation 01 is a limited edition Boxset containing the band’s first ever live album, an album of remixes and unreleased material, and a DVD compilation of live tracks from the last 2 world tours. The box is constructed of a high quality, dark grey, fabric covered, hard case, with the band's name and logo embossed on it. This release is especially intended for VNV Nation fans.

* 12 track live CD
* 13 track CD of unreleased material and remixes
* DVD with 8 live videos
* 32 page booklet of live images and information about the tracks

Joy / Chrome / Testament / Nemesis / Endless Skies / Farthest Star / Procession / Entropy / Illusion / Arena / Honour 2003 / Perpetual

CD 2 - Remixes, unreleased and rare material
Chrome (Modcom Mix) / Chrome (SITD Mix) / Chrome (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) / Interceptor (VNV Nation ABM Version) / Nemesis (S.A.M. Remix) / Carry You (Frozen Plasma Remix) / As it fades (VNV 2nd Movement) / Still Waters (unreleased) / Precipice (unreleased) / Suffer (unreleased) / Main Theme (from the movie Gene Generation) / Mayhem (from Gene Generation) / The Lair (from Gene Generation)

Farthest Star / Chrome / Nemesis / Illusion / Homeward / Arena / Honour 2003 / Perpetual

About the Contents : The unreleased material comes from tracks written between the Futureperfect and Matter and Form albums (2002-2004), and tracks that written for the soundtrack of the movie "Gene Generation” in 2007. The live tracks were recorded between 2005 and 2008 in Washington DC, Hamburg and Chemnitz on the Matter and Form tour in 2005, Wave Gothic Treffen Festival (D) 2006, Brooklyn New York on the Judgement tour in 2007 and Mera Luna Festival (D) 2008. The live edits on the DVD are a compilation of edits that were made between 2005 and 2009. Some were made by a local public access TV show in Hamburg for their show (otherwise unavailable) and some are edits that were put together especially for this DVD.

Ronan Harris about Reformation 1:
"We spent a lot of time in 2008 planning what our releases should be like from now on and this is part of the results. The original idea for Reformation was to replace the need for singles by releasing an EP or Album containing remixes, alternate versions and live versions of tracks from the album Matter and Form. We never abandoned the plan and, as ideas grew, Reformation evolved into something much bigger and better. Reformation 1 will be part of a series to release special material to our fans. We put a lot of work into this and we're very proud of the results. We hope you will be too".

VNV Nation will release their next full-length album “Of Faith, Power And Glory” in
June 2009 and will be doing a US tour in June/July and a tour of Europe in September/October 2009
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